Creative and commercial success in the fast-changing global content business

Content LA is taking place as a fully digital on demand event over two weeks between May 10–21 in 2021.
To find out more and view the event online CLICK HERE.
The real world event will reconvene in 2022 at The Ebell, further information is below…


Content LA will take place as a real life event on 20 May 2022. The one day one-day networking event and conference designed to uncover future trends, new opportunities and fresh partnerships in the international content business. Bringing together up to 750 leading players from the domestic and international content business, it is designed for those creating, financing, producing, distributing and broadcasting, providing unique insight into the future of the content business. Content LA connects creators, financiers, producers, channels, agents, distributors and associated sectors to determine how to deliver success in the international content business.The historic Ebell of Los Angeles is an architectural masterpiece that brings old school Hollywood glamour, elegance and legacy to Content LA. With two exquisitely detailed ballrooms, an intimate art salon and a breathtaking courtyard garden, the Ebell delivers a variety of sophisticated settings.