Moderator: Jeff Norton

Norton is an award-winning author, writer-producer, and the founder of Awesome, a UK based production and publishing company backed by Kew Media Group and Tricycle Media.
Norton’s debut novel, ‘MetaWars: Fight For The Future’ (Hachette), is a high-tech thriller about the fight for the internet that has spurred three sequels. Norton also wrote the coming-of-age sci-fi comedy ‘Alienated: Grounded At Groom Lake’ and co-wrote the young adult thriller ‘Keeping the Beat.’ His next novel is ‘Looking Glass’, a Victorian-era revenge thriller.
For television, Awesome partners with other production companies and is currently developing ‘Expat’ based on Norton’s original script with Monumental Television, ‘Looking Glass’ with Ruby Rock Pictures, and ‘Knights of Panterra’ with OmniFilm and The Jim Henson Company based on Jeff’s new novel, ‘Dino Knights.’
Previously, Norton was senior vice president of Chorion Ltd., which managed the literary estates of Enid Blyton, Agatha Christie, and where he acquired and developed new intellectual property, including the ‘The Octonauts.’ He also developed and produced the award-winning ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ movie based on the best-selling books, and served as a marketing executive at Procter & Gamble. Norton studied Film Studies at Queen’s University and is a graduate of Harvard Business School.