Erik Barmack

Barmack has recently left Netflix to start his own production company focused on international series.
Prior to this move, Barmack headed international originals for Netflix, and was responsible for the strategy, budget, and creative vision of a team of over forty executives that has helped create over 100 productions in more than twenty-five countries.  These productions — including Dark, Elite, The Protector and Casa De Las Flores — have consistently reached large audiences outside of their home territories, and have been nominated for, and won, multiple national and global awards, including the International Emmys. 
Prior to serving in this position, Barmack served in a variety of senior roles at Netflix, including vice president of independent content.  He has also worked at ESPN/Disney in strategy and business development, and created a start-up, Small World Sports, which was later sold to Vulcan Ventures.
With his new venture, Barmack has set up shows with producers in Spain, Brazil, India, and Holland, and will be announcing his first slate of international productions shortly.